The Rochester Association of
Black Journalists

The Rochester Association of Black Journalists is a chapter of
the National Association of Black Journalists that covers the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
The organization works to groom future journalists of color, help chapter members thrive in their current roles, and advocate for African-Americans to be depicted in a fair and balanced way in the media.

Rochester Journalism Jobs
Below is a list of Rochester area journalism jobs. We will update this listing as new jobs arise and posted jobs are filled. For more information and to apply, click the accompanying text under each listing. Please contact RABJ if you want your opening listed.


TV Land is looking for a promos and media planning coordinator. This person will write and input all primary (promos, interstitials) and secondary (graphics, credit crunches) elements on assigned logs.
OverActive Media is looking for a North American CWL Editor. The editor is an integral member of the content team in helping expand the team of storytellers and help drive the narrative around the company's pro team coverage.
The New York State Insurance Fund wants an executive writer. This person will be responsible for preparing, editing and reviewing communications and marketing materials, including print and social media.  
MTV Digital Studios is looking for a brand social coordinator. This role will report to the Senior Director, Social Media and Fan Engagement. The coordinator will help develop new brand social video franchises and provide support for company initiatives and tent poles such as the Movie and TV Awards and VMAs.
  1. Richard J. McCollough
    One of the easiest ways we can increase diversity in the Rochester media market is matching journalists of color with the career opportunities in this area. With this jobs listing page, we want to make sure African-American journalists keep abreast of the places where their careers could unfold. We want this to be a go-to page for local journalists of color. This is important to our mission at RABJ.
  2. Khristopher J. Brooks
    RABJ is only as strong as the members it has. And we want to increase our membership. When new journalists of color land jobs in our region, the chapter has a chance to grow one person at a time. The chapter will do everything in our power to advocate for an African-American journalist who has applied for a journalism job opening in the Finger Lakes region.
The Rochester Association of Black Journalists
RABJ is the official Rochester-area chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, an advocacy group with 3,500 members nationwide. As a chapter, RABJ works to increase newsroom diversity across digital, print and broadcast organizations in Rochester. We also fight for balanced depictions of African-Americans in the media and deliver programming that help our members improve their skills as journalists. 
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