Rochester Association of Black Journalists

The Rochester Association of Black Journalists strives to help ensure diversity in area media and accurate, balanced coverage of communities of color while serving as a resource for both established and aspiring communicators of African descent.

RABJ brings together people of color who work in the media, or media-related jobs throughout the Rochester area. We provide professional support and development for journalist of color and awards scholarships to promising young black students who plan to pursue careers as journalists.

Membership and Organization:
The Rochester Association of Black Journalists is a professional organization whose membership includes journalists from area print, TV, radio and online outlets. Also, public relations and communications professionals serve as members, along with educators and anyone else in a media or media-related profession. Student memberships are available for those who are training to begin journalism as a career.

Join RABJ for our monthly meetings at WXXI Public Broadcasting Council on 280 State St.

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Meet The Executive Board
Richard J. McCollough
Richard J. McCollough serves as president of the Rochester Association of Black Journalists. The Washington D.C. native became Rochester's first African-American metereologist when he worked at WHAM 13. McCollough is a 37-year veteran of television and radio broadcasting who has worked at NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS affiliates in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and Rochester. In 1988, he founded Mirusmedia with a clear mission of producing network quality television and video productions. 
"RABJ is a much needed watchdog for the local news media. I cannot imagine not having an organization making sure there is diversity in the news media."
Joanne Gordon
Joanne Gordon serves as Vice President of Broadcast with the Rochester Association of Black Journalists.  Originally from Buffalo, she is Senior Video Editor for WXXI Public Broadcasting Council and has been with the company for 32 years.
Vice President
"Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face"
Kevin Hicks
Vice President
Kevin Hicks serves as vice president for print for the Rochester Association of Black Journalists. The freelance journalist and Rochester native is also acting secretary for the chapter. 
"Lah Dee Dah"

Moiet James
Moiet James' bio will be updated soon!
Vice President
Digital Media 
"To be determined..." 
Ericka Wilson
 She was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She studied Broadcast Journalism and English at Northern Illinois University, before graduating in December of 2011. At NIU, Ericka served as the President of the NABJ-chapter for 2 years. During my first job out of school, She became an Emmy Award Winning Producer for Outstanding Achievement in a Morning Newscast. 

At the age of 25, She is now working her 2nd job out of school. She enjoys her job because of the impact she knows it will have on the Rochester community. She will be a News Director within the next 5 years. 
"Direct the energy of frustration towards a positive purpose!"
Rashad Smith's Bio will be updated soon! 
Rashad Smith
"To be determined..."

Dolores Orman
Dolores Orman serves as parliamentarian for the Rochester Association of Black Journalists.
She retired as a reporter from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. 

"Through journalism, you can not only do public service but impact your community."